Deck and Fence Repair Contractor Marin County

For over 25 years, Clough Construction has been committed to deck and fence inspections for their customers with the intention of repairing existing projects in a cost effective way.

Being conscious of budget concerns and the environment are the primary reasons repairs are an attractive option to many homeowners.

Scott Clough has been designing Marin County decks and fences along with a Structural Engineer for decades. Scott’s specialized expertise allows him to confidently recommend minor to extensive repairs to all your decks and fences. Beam replacements, post repairs, railing repair or replacement, joist repairs and deck foundation strengthening are just a sampling of the repairs that Clough excels in.

Projects from replacing a few rotting deck boards to shoring up an existing deck are common repairs that Clough Construction engages in. Consulting with the customer regarding the life span of the deck or fence and the proposed repair help determine if the repair will be a beneficial addition to the client’s home.

Fence repairs are another area Clough’s experience comes into play. New foundation, baseboard repair, reconstruction of fence sections, sister posts to shore up a sagging fence and gate repairs are a few ways Clough offers it’s services to the community.

Many customers benefit by realizing five to ten years in additional life spans for their decks and fences by hiring Clough to do repairs and upcycling per Scott’s recommendations. Utilizing resources for as long as possible is Clough’s passion and commitment to being sustainable.

Call today for a free informative estimate from the Company who offers integrity, value and full customer service to each of our clients!