Our Process

Deanne and Scott enjoy meeting and speaking with people in person and via the phone. Having a place to educate people of their options is one of the ways Clough Construction is of service.

Clough’s Customer service and value have always set the bar for doing business professionally. Finding out what is important to the client and implementing your project is done seamlessly. Each step of the process is managed with their office staff’s experience and commitment to communicating how important you are. Clough has always realized that their customers’ 100% satisfaction is their responsibility. It is easy to exceed clients expectations by listening carefully throughout the process.

Clough loves questions and education. You will feel empowered being educated on your options about materials and construction techniques.

Home improvement is fun and an asset to your life. Clough’s staff loves watching families enjoy entertaining and playing outdoors. It is their honor to help with this process.

What you can expect:

We receive phone calls Monday through Friday 9:00 to 4:00 by our office staff. Our staff is genuinely interested in your project and will ask questions to prepare Scott for his estimate. You will be invited to the showroom a for sustainable material consulting. During this phone call your free on site visit is scheduled with Scott Clough. You are offered a one hour window. Scott will arrive on time. It is refreshing to have your time respected.

Scott enjoys and appreciates the opportunity to come to your residence. He will walk your property with you. Listening to you and encouraging you to share your vision of your project is his strength. He will share pictures and sketches as needed to help you visualize the design that you have created together. His 25 years of experience is evident during this process. He will inform you when you can expect a written estimate. The time frame is usually a few days to a week depending on the season. When he commits to a time for your bid, you will receive it as promised. A formal written estimate via email is provided.

Many customers choose to come into the showroom to finalize their decision. We recommend making an appointment to guarantee that you will meet with Scott or Deanne at our office. Deanne loves sharing her knowledge with clients. Physically visiting the facility during business hours is a great way to understand their experience and organization skills. Deanne or Scott will offer you samples to take home. Deanne and Scott will talk with you about the budget and financial requirements of your project. Creating ways for clients to realize their dreams is important. Attention to all the details is always a part of our process.

After the customer calls the office and says yes, Clough will send out a written contract. This will include a 10% deposit (not to exceed $1000.) with equal payments broken down into installments after each phase of the work has been completed. During this conversation, a schedule will be given to you. A phone call will be received the Friday before commencement of work scheduling an exact morning appointment for a job start. During the job start, the client, foreman and Scott will confirm again all the details of your job on the work site. The work will begin. Clough’s crew will come every business day until the project is complete. Normal working hours are Mon – Fri. 8:00 am to 3:30 pm. The crew meets every morning at the shop prior to work to receive daily instructions.

During your project, Scott is available every morning from 6:45 AM to the end of the work day. If there are site questions, clients can speak to Scott and their foreman. Scott visits the job site frequently. Clients receive phone calls periodically to check in from the office staff.

Upon completion of job the client does a walk through to guarantee that they are 110% satisfied. Clough’s staff knows that customer satisfaction is paramount.

The final step is a thank you from Clough Construction to show our gratitude for the opportunity to serve you. This is of extreme importance to us. Deanne and Scott always recognize how blessed they are to have worked with you on your project.

Referrals and repeat jobs are the standard. Clough maintains excellent relationships with its past customers.